Copper-nickel ore flotation plant

Copper-nickel ore flotation plant

Copper-nickel ore beneficiation plant 2000 tons of new flotation cells put into use.

The new flotation tank into use, with a large inflatable, power consumption, less deposition of tailings, flotation index is high and wearing parts wear light,long life and so on. Before the new flotation cells put into use, workshop will be fully removed previous 2 sets of 8 cubic fine flotation tank Άρ, Άς 3 sets of 8 cubic fine flotation tank and three sets of 4 cubic fine Άσ flotation tank, the withdrawal of the production plant, and then six new 16 cubic flotation tank flotation cells were installed in the original location.

After installing the new flotation cells, beneficiation plant formally started using a new flotation cells for production. Because of this large inflatable flotation tank, a large range of product liquid drop, site control is difficult. In order to better control the production, the workshop decided to schedule technical staff into the class attendant to control the scene.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure tailings passing grade, lower magnesium, copper and nickel to improve quality, plant selection of the second paragraph in the new addition of sodium carbonate, CMC, Dinghei, small yellow and other agents, agents are being added by the dose tested. Shop attendant being present sample, has led to pharmaceutical test early deployment of an accurate standard.

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