Stone crushing and screening plant

Stone crushing and screening plant

Stone crushing and screening plant is formed by crusher and screen machinery connected by belt conveyor. There are many different types of crushing and screening process.They can be categorized into the following elements: the number of broken segments, mechanical configuration of the relationship between crushing and screening machinery, whether materials on the screen is returned.

In the selection of crushing and screening process, the main consideration should be given the total reduction ratio of broken material (ie, feed particle size and particle size ratio of the final product) , the physical properties of raw materials, water size and other factors. When crushing ratio is large, ore should be subject to two or more broken segments.

Stone Crushing without screening is known as open circuit broken. The process is simple but the product size is unstable. Ore broken needs screening, is called closed-circuit crushing. Screening before or after the crushing during the closed-circuit crushing process is divided into inspection and pre-screening.

Pre-screening is screening before the material broken. Fine screening can prevent excessive fragmentation and increase the production capacity of crusher to reduce energy consumption. When the ore contains a large water and mud, pre-screening can prevent and reduce the degree of crushing machine being blocked.

For the flux of the crushing and screening, due to sintering of the limestone used in the general requirements of 3-0mm of the content should be greater than 90% (pellets require more detailed), infiltration plant limestone particle size limit of 40mm, and some even up to 80mm on top, it must be carried out into the limestone crushing plant to reach production size requirements.

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